Claims ReportingDon’t worry – We are here to help you in your journey back to wholeness.

If you have a claim to make, please call our toll free number (866-727-9798) or call your broker directly for advice on reporting the claim and an explanation of the claims process.

If your claim happens while our office is closed, please call your insurer’s 24 hour claims hotline below:

To help expedite your claim, please have the following information available when reporting a claim:

  • Your name, (company name, if commercial), address, phone number and email address
  • Your policy number (if available – for auto claims, check your pink slip)
  • The type of loss you are reporting (auto, property, commercial liability, etc.)
  • The date the incident occurred
  • The location the loss occurred
  • A description of what happened
  • For an auto claim:
    • The year, make, model and VIN of the vehicle involved
    • The other person’s name, address and phone number
    • The year, make, model and VIN of the other vehicle involved in the accident
    • Police Report number
    • Names and contact information of injured persons

If you require any assistance throughout your claim experience, please do not hesitate to contact your broker.  We truly want to support you through the process.