Nettie Friessen, R.I.B. (Ont.)

I was born in Bolivia and at the age of four I moved to Leamington, Canada with my parents. We lived here for ten years and then my family moved back to Bolivia. As a teenager, I realized that I loved Bolivia but my heart was in Leamington, so I moved back to Canada on my own.

I worked in the restaurant industry in Leamington for many years but decided to make a career change when I saw the opportunity advertised at MAIBC. I studied the insurance business and obtained a RIBO licence. I am eager to continue studying insurance to enhance my skills.

I’m excited to be doing something I enjoy and am looking forward to helping our clients with their insurance needs. I speak English, low German (Plautdietch) and some Spanish. You can reach me at 519-325-1122.

In my spare time, I am enjoying having weekends off and am learning to play the piano!