InsureLine Brokers (Mutual Aid) Ombudsperson

At InsureLine Brokers (Mutual Aid), we value our relationship with you as a customer. If you have an issue with the service you have received, we encourage you to contact us.

Step 1 – Resolve the Problem with your Broker’s help
Your Insurance broker works for you. They use their professional knowledge and experience to help you. They can speak on your behalf to obtain a solution or explanation which is acceptable to you.

Step 2 – Contact the InsureLine Brokers (Mutual Aid) Ombudsperson
If you are still not satisfied, you can contact the InsureLine Brokers (Mutual Aid) Ombudsperson. The Ombudsperson will perform an independent and impartial review of your complaint.
Please contact the Ombudsperson with the following information

• Your name, address and policy number
• An email address that you can be reached at
• A description of the complaint

You may reach the Ombudsperson at:
InsureLine Brokers (Mutual Aid) Ombudsperson
50 Queen Street North, Suite 705
Kitchener, Ontario N2H 6P4

[email protected]