Sherifa Ishmail, R.I.B. (Ont.)

My name is Sherifa Ishmail. I immigrated to Canada from Guyana with my immediate family. Guyana is a very small country located in South America and is home to Kaieteur Falls, the highest one drop waterfall in the world. I am an adventurous person and have always had a passion for fashion. My mischievous but adorable two boys always keep me on my toes, but thankfully my husband is always there to assist.

Growing up, I never thought my career would lead me to insurance as my passion was always in accounting. I graduated with a diploma in 2012 at Trios College in the Business Administration and Accounting Specialist course. At the beginning of my career, I went from being a Receptionist to a Filing Clerk and then I found myself as the Client Service Representative with a claims adjusting company. That’s where I fell in love with and developed my passion for insurance! Not only was it challenging,  but there were also countless opportunities to learn something new which has kept me motivated to this day.

In 2015, I moved on to work for Max Insurance as an Underwriting Assistant / Receptionist, where I was able to enhance my career.  After 3 years with Max Insurance, I joined MAiBC as a Receptionist. With hard work and dedication, I was promoted to my current role as a Service Broker after successfully obtaining a RIBO Licence.

MAiBC is a great company to work for and I have the best co-workers you can think of. I am a very friendly and understanding person, so should you have any insurance inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to assist you!

*Sherifa is currently on maternity leave.